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    so really the only thing i dislike about DriveHud right now is the graph for cash. it’s super cluttered and can’t tell whats going on at all.. i would suggest something like having the graph on it’s own seperate page that takes up the whole page kind of like other software does because the current graph is so cluttered once you get past 15k hands. ill post a picture below showing you how hard it is to read


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    as you can see it is super hard to read and can’t tell what is going on at all in it.


    other then that the software has been really good for me.

    i hope you take what i have said into consideration


    DH Support

    See the button to the left of SD? Click that. 🙂 You can expand the graph full screen.

    Also, you can change the filter time for the graph if you want to go more in depth into certain samples. But once you click the button I suggested you can expand it full screen and get more of a visual.


    ahh ok thanks. is there a way to get rid of the cog wheel and the info below the graph to just make the graph itself full screen? or is the cog wheel and other stats below it permanent?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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