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    With “Flop Continuation Bet Made” as the only filter, it was triggered when the Pre-Flop Aggressor check/called facing a Raise and Re-Raise (two opponents).

    DH Support

    Can you post the hand please? I just checked on a large database, and I’m not seeing any issue.


    Here is a case of “Flop Continuation Bet Made” not working properly.

    The Note named Test2 is default, except “Include Board” is on and Flop Filter “Flop Continuation Bet Made” is selected.
    In the example, the MP opened and Checked the Flop, but the note was taken.

    This identical hand also would trigger “Raised Flop Continuation Bet” which was also submitted to the Forum. For some reason the reply would not upload with pictures to the Forum and was submitted to Support by email. So I will submit the screen shot seperately.

    Hand History driven straight to this forum with DriveHUD 2 Poker Tracking Software – https://drivehud.com

    NL Holdem 0.05(BB)
    SB ($13.70) [VPIP: 23.3% | PFR: 19.3% | AGG: 33.3% | Hands: 696]
    HERO ($2.71)
    HJ ($5) [VPIP: 32.5% | PFR: 22.8% | AGG: 37.7% | Hands: 115]
    CO ($6.67) [VPIP: 31.3% | PFR: 13.3% | AGG: 38.2% | Hands: 84]
    BTN ($6.47) [VPIP: 19.4% | PFR: 12.3% | AGG: 29.2% | Hands: 1089]

    Dealt to Hero: 5d Kh

    HJ Raises To $0.11, CO Folds, BTN Calls $0.11, SB Folds, HERO Folds

    Flop ($0.29): 9s 2s Qc
    HJ Checks, BTN Checks

    Turn ($0.29): 9s 2s Qc 8s
    HJ Bets $0.14 (Rem. Stack: $4.75), BTN Calls $0.14 (Rem. Stack: $6.22)

    River ($0.57): 9s 2s Qc 8s 5c
    HJ Checks, BTN Checks

    HJ shows: Ts 9c
    BTN shows: Kd 9d

    BTN wins: $0.55

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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