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    Player names without the need to hover over the hud box. Coming from competing software which doesn’t always refresh hand of, sometimes confuses tables, occasionally configures seating incorrectly… Perhaps yours will refresh seamlessly, but I would like to not have to just trust that things are correct, and am just used to having it I suppose. Years of issues with all the other huds out there, which without player names confirming stats are where they are supposed to be would be a colossal disaster is what brought me (and I’m sure others, and many more I’d be happy to send over :P) to your software to begin with. It would be a peace of mind :).

    Total RFI (UOPFR) using this fairly often opposed to total PFR in mtt’s specifically more often now and it isn’t a stat offered. You have it positional which is great, but with many tables across multiple sites a total RFI would be useful at a glance. Appreciate the time and consideration.

    DH Support

    Great. Ty for the suggestions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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