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    I’m a bit confused about $EV Diff. I never really paid attention to the #. My DB got wiped on a HD failure and I had to restart. I play on occasion online. Mostly a live player. I do it for practice.

    I have a run of about 2500 hands since I got it back up in which I am running terrible. I have a very high winrate at my stakes normally.

    The $EV Diff is positive but my bb/100 is -8.   Losing with sets, against shorties, folding on the river when the front door flush hits and the 70/0 player shoves all in… and he isn’t bluffing… I check the next day.  My WTSD is 26% and my W$SD is 43% which usually tells me I am running bad.

    I thought, like other programs, $EV Diff means what you should have won.  Usually when I am running normal this was about equal to my winrate. In this case it looks correct… I am running bad, my $EF Diff is what I should have won.

    But on a Google search I found 2 things…. #1 it was way off, #2 it is how much you are running ahead GREEN, or behind RED of expectation. Which in this case means I should have lost way more and I am getting lucky. Which I am not. It would mean my losses are -14bb/100 which I have never experienced in my life.

    So what is it exactly?  Been playing online for more than a decade so I got a pretty good feel of how things should be.

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