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    So after the update I accidentally clicked “Do not migrate” instead of to just go ahead an migrate for the new stats. I immediately went to rebuild my database, which took at least 6 hours.

    When I came back the database-tmp folder had equal number of folders in it to the original database, and the dates matched on the hands, so I assume it rebuilt fine. However, upon looking at my Dashboard area I noticed I had double the hands, and each hand had been copied.

    I now have 20k hands instead of 10k, and I don’t see an easy “sort duplicate hands” or “clean database” option. It also copied all tournament hands, which there are a TON of. This is only on my BOL alias, and I know there’s a ton more on my ACR site.

    I also have no idea if the rebuild worked and I have these new stats available.



    I don’t know if the following would work, let me know:

    Delete entire database, database-bkp, database-tmp, and the .db file. Then copy the processed files folder to a safe spot. Then uninstall and reinstall, then import from the processed files folder to rebuild database.

    I’d rather do that than manually delete 10k hands carefully from the list of all hands played.

    DH Support

    Before we even go into any attempted fixes, have you shut down and re-opened drivehud after the rebuild? I have seen DH on a really old update show duplicated in the dashboard, but on close and re-open it was fine. Can you confirm this first and then I can speak to development about what would be the best course of action.


    Oh man I feel stupid. I thought I had tried that. Yes after doing that the duplicates have disappeared. Thanks

    I guess before closing this out; how do I see if these “new stats” and stuff hinted at when it said to perform the migration are available, or where would the new features be found?

    DH Support

    No Worries. I’m glad you figured it out. As far as new features, which ones specifically? I’m not sure which version you went from and we’re constantly adding features and functions. If there’s something specific you can’t find or are curious about, just let me know and I can point in the correct direction.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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