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    DH Support

    DriveHUD release update – v1.4.4.2132:

    • Fix for Ignition new player stats not resetting
    • Fixed the issue when make/edit notes popup didn’t appear sometimes
    • Fixed the issue when PartyPoker hands weren’t imported after the break in tournament
    • Fixed the issue when duplicates might appear in the player list when new hand was imported
    • Fixed the issue when DH showed incorrect net won for iPoker hands (rebuild is required to correct existing data)
    • Improved HUD performance
    • Fixed the issue when DH switched to the first line in the report when new hand was imported
    • GG network fixes
    • Fixed heat map logic
    • Improved performance of equity calculations
    • Fixed zone poker positions (rebuild is required)
    • Fixed PS zoom
    • Fixed won amount on tournament tab
    • Fixed errors in tournament detection [IPoker, WPN]
    • 63 new stats added (re-build required)
    • New tool tips added to HUD Designer
    • Tournament core filter logic change
    • Text/line bar graph option added to HUD
    • HUD popup line bar update
    • UI fixes (colors, scrollbar)
    • Minor stat rebuild fix
    • Ignition/Bovoada fix for cases when ignition table was closed/recreated
    • Fixed the issue when all selected ranges were removed if range form was opened, then closed by X
    • Fixed the issue when range removing worked incorrectly
    • Fixed the issue when Unknown was shown in player selection combobox if alias was selected
    • Added loading/saving logic for graphs (settings will be remembered on exit)
    • Opponent report added (forced migration needed)
    • Fixed Compilation Error in player alias switch
    • HH export fix for posted blind
    • Added PokerMaster catcher
    • Added *New* Population Analysis report
    • Added River Call Efficiency and bb/100 stats to the list of HUD stats
    • Added Report refresh option (right click in report)
    • Fixed Limp, SB stats
    • Added possibility to edit styles of popup stats
    • Improved detection of ACR hh location
    • Added context menu with refresh report item on report tabs
    • Added additional filtering to the population report
    • Added ability to delete entire tournament
    • Removed OK button from filters
    • Add ability to export any report
    Reduced loading time
    Improved reports performance
    Fixed notes issues for PM
    Fixed bug when dashboard/tournament wasn’t updated if new player was selected
    Fixed fatal error on apply setting if alias was selected and processed hands option was enabled or disabled.
    Fixed Poker Site report of tournaments when alias is selected
    Fixed issues with adding new line bar graphs
    Added ability to search stats in the all stat list on HUD tab
    Renamed River C-Bet with Fold to Triple Barrel
    Fixed Bet River On BX Line and Checked River After BB Line stats

    (Released as auto-update)


    Hello! Does this version include the Beta tested fixes. I’m after those 58 new stats, but I’m not sure if that’s exclusively the Beta, or if this version includes them as well.

    Thanks team, appreciate ya


    Yes, they’re in there. There is a lot of updates so maybe you missed this part.

    • 58 new stats added (re-build required)

    DH Support

    Yes, they’re in there. There is a lot of updates so maybe you missed this part. • 58 new stats added (re-build required)

    Yes, the stats are in this build.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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