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    DH Support

    DriveHUD Beta update – v1.1.1.1598

    – Table size option for Ignition/Bodog

    So you can force a table size option since right now table sizes are all detected as full ring post the Ignition update. To do so just right click on the DH logo at the top of your table. Select Treat as… and then select the table size.

    We’re still working on detection of the tables post update. Hopefully we have some solution, but this will work at least in the interm.

    Please note: The only HUD available will be your 9-max HUD. You can remedy this temporarily by going to the HUD tab in Drivehud, and selecting to duplicate any of your HUD profiles to a 9-max table. This way it will be available in game.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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