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    DriveHUD 2 Public beta – v2.0.0.5693:

    – Added support for any level of user sub pop-ups when importing/exporting HUD layouts
    – Added new stats:
    Call Turn Bet%
    Call Turn Raise%
    Call Turn C-Bet IP%
    Call Turn C-Bet OOP%
    Fold to Turn Bet%
    Fold to Raise after Turn C-Bet%
    Call Turn C-Bet SRP%
    Raise Turn C-Bet SRP%
    Donk Turn SRP%
    Fold to Raise after Turn C-Bet SRP%
    Fold to Raise after Flop C-Bet in 3-Bet Pot%
    Call Flop Check-Raise%
    Donk Flop SRP%
    3-Bet vs. CO Open%
    3-Bet vs. BTN Open%


    Hi, I also have some suggestions (not sure if already implemented, but I couldn’t find that on drivehud-1):

    – A filter for hands with/without straddle

    – The option for the hud to display the alias total stats, not only the player stat. (maybe setting to linki one ID to an alias?)
    For example: I know John plays with 2 nicks: JohnNickA and JohnNickB, and I create a JohnAlias for those 2 nicks. If JohnNickA is in the table i want to be displayed the JohnAlias stats… I think that would be not hard to do and would be great (specially for apps that people uses multiple accounts). I do think that would be great!

    – Board filters with “and” / “or” (and maybe “not” as well). For example: If i want to create a hand filter with a range of rundowns and AXs (PLO) I cant. I think that could be usefull… Also on boards the same. If i want to study ALL paired boards I don’t know how to do (maybe it is possible on “builld custom filter or stat?”). Because If i select mid paired board and low paired board and high paired board it is an “and” and there is no board like that.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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