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    DriveHUD 2 Public beta – v2.0.0.5178

    – Added light theme
    – Added option hiding/showing hole and board cards to HUD general settings
    – Fixed rakeback stat
    – Fixed issues in number of opponent stats
    – Made drop down widgets clickable
    – Fixed RnD drop down widgets logic
    – Fixed bug in Winning Per Hour stats which
    – Hid specific stats from being selected in RnD
    – Added auto-complete text-boxes when ranges are added on RnD add/edit forms
    – Do not allow to add ranges if x-axis stat isn’t selected
    – Added possibility to build 3-dimensional RnD charts (y-axis range must be added to see z-axis stat)
    – Added y-axis ranges to RnD widgets
    – Added z-axis stat to RnD widgets
    – Fixed the issue when DH didn’t remember it’s position on multiple displays
    – Ordered stats in the list of stats in the pop-up window to select stats to report
    – Fixed search in the pop-up window to select stats to report
    – Fixed lag when hand chart creator window loads
    – Applied bold, italic, underline font properties to selected stat when changed
    – Applied color range to selected stat when changed.
    – Fixed report headers cut off if they are doubled up in the column
    – Added support for new Pocket52


    IS there a definite sequence for uninstall of DH1 and installation of DH2?
    I did Uninstall DH1 and now after installing DH2, it just won’t register my license/key.

    I tried going ahead w trial version (w my registered email) and it activates the 30 day trial.

    but, it doesn’t import the database (from Database restore / Settings page).

    How do we go about this?



    Existe uma sequência definida para desinstalação do DH1 e instalação do DH2?
    Desinstalei o DH1 e agora depois de instalar o DH2, ele simplesmente não registra minha licença / chave.

    Tentei prosseguir com a versão de teste (com meu e-mail registrado) e ativa o teste de 30 dias.

    mas não importa o banco de dados (da página Restauração do banco de dados / Configurações).

    Como vamos fazer isso?²


    How do I upgrade my DH1 license to DH2?  My DH2 trial is about to end and I want to keep it


    @bhushansohani/@WELLINGTON RAGNINI

    Just make sure you install DH2 on the same system you have DH. The first time you launch DH2, it will detect DH and give you a prompt option to import your data from DH to DH2.



    DH2 is still in free open beta, just sent us an email with the email address you used to register the trial and we will extend it for you.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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