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    Hello all,

    I’m a US player just dipping my toes back into online poker for the first time in a loooonnnggg time. (I blame a friend of mine who started up a weekly PS home game to get us thru the pandemic and now I’m getting hooked again ;-))

    So I’m looking for a poker database. I used PT back in the day but of course everything’s different now so that’s irrelevant. I came upon DH and so far I like what I see. The price is right relative to the biggies if nothing else. I’m working with the free trial now, seems pretty good.

    Anyway just a few questions:

    1. One of the old 3rd party HUDs I used way back in the day had a setting where it would briefly flash the hole cards of an opponent who mucked at showdown. Is that something you can do in DH? If so I haven’t found how to do it.

    2. Is there any way to distinguish between play money and real money sessions? Like I said I’m playing in a home game but also on my own for real money and it would be nice to toggle between them.

    3. A question about how the annual fee works. So suppose I buy the product June 1 and use it awhile. I use it to say March and stop playing poker; June 1 comes around and I don’t renew because I’m not playing. So far so good. But then next November I decide to get back into it. Can I pick up my subscription again? And if so will it start Nov 1 or be back dated to June 1?

    Thanks for the input, and nice product.




    Oh one other thing – a feature I don’t think existed when I was playing before – on the WPN site I’ve started playing on, is showing the chips as BB rather than $. I saw that feature and fell in love w/it right away. It doesn’t look like it exists on the Bovada/Ignition or BetOnline networks (maybe I’m wrong?). Is that a feature that DH could somehow emulate on other networks?

    DH Support

    1) It won’t flash, it will show the last 4 showdown hands on your opponent, in order, when you mouse over their player icon.

    2) No. They are combined.

    3) Yes, you can begin renewal again at anytime. Annual renewal is cheap $10 or less depending on your stake levels.

    And you can add BB into your HUD for any site. The default ignition HUD does not have this, but you can add it to your ignition HUD if you’d prefer it. You just need to drag it into your HUD.

    Creating a new HUD Tutorial [VIDEO]


    Hi DriveHud, thanks for the response.


    On the BB thing, I may not have been clear on what I’m asking. Or else I’m just not able to find where to drag from.

    What I’d like is to have the table changed so that the stacks, pot, etc. are changed from showing the $ amount to the number of BBs represented by that money; see the attached screenshot. America’s Card Room has that feature (I believe PS does too, not that I can play there)

    Is this something that DH can impose on the poker site? Or is that something that needs to be done on the site software?



    you can add a HUD stat that tells you your BB count.. it is found under “tournament” section of the hud stats

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