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    Hi !
    is there a possiblility to add customize stacksizes to stats which then show up in the hud . like how often someone does x with stacksize z ? i noticed that when you open  a stat in the hud editor you have the option to add BB ranges . how does this work ?


    Where do i find instructions on how to do it ( use BBcodes ) ?


    DH Support

    Yes, so if you set a series of BB ranges, it will show whatever stat you have what the data is when your opponent has a stack between those BB ranges… and it will show up as a mouse over tool tip when you mouse over the stat.


    Thank you very much.
    1.)Are the stacksizes the stacksize of Villain or effective stacksize?
    –eg. Villain is BU with 30BB and SB and BB have 15BB .-does this hand show up in the UO-PFR BU range for 15BB or 30bb ?
    2.) If i add custamize stacksizes to my hud do i have to do anything that my old handhistories will be updated with that new stats ?


    Yes, it’s the stacksize  of the villain/players HUD and you dont have to do anything, it will automatically update.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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