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    I think Bet size and POT are 2 different stats. So how could they be in one filter? Does it show bet size or something else?

    Bet size

    DH Support

    No, that’s just a ratio filter. So if pot is 12 and bet is 4, then you’re looking at anything that’s bigger than 33% in your first filter above.


    I would like to use this filter for 3bets sizing. But looks a little bit difficult to configure %.


    For example, I open 2x (2bb) and get 3bet 2x till 4bb. So in this case I should calculate the pot (BB + SB + ANTEs + my open, but I don’t know, how many players are on the table to get the exact pot size).  So 9 players table  1+0,5+0,9+2= 4,4BB POT . So 4bb is ~91% of the pot (4,4bb).

    Filter: Did 3bet + Preflop Raise size/Pot is less than 91% means that Villain raised me 2x or less with…

    Should I use this filter by this calculation or there is it a simpler method?


    DH Support,

    could you advise, how to create a filter for the 3bet sizing notes? For example, Hero opens 2x, Villains 3bets 2,5x sizing till 5bb.


    Thank you


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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