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    I have all my last month hand histories of pokerbro in which I used Asian Hand Converter and LDP that I wanted to import into DriveHud.


    I have tried to import the hands files/folder and it doesn’t import any for some reason. PT4 and HEM3 are importing them correctly.


    Any idea why this could happen?


    Have you tried importing the HH from PT4/HM3 archive folder to DriveHUD? that’s the easiest way to do it.

    How to Import Hands from PokerTracker 4 Hand Archive (PT4)



    So I used AHC with the HEM 3 settings. I guess these hand histories cannot be re-used for DriveHUD ? I’m literrally getting 0 hands imported out of like 50k hands.


    HM3 +AHC captured hands should be importable to DriveHUD. You just need to direct DH to HM3 archive.

    If you are still having a problem importing the HH, please send your log to support so we can investigate this for you.


    I explored the log file myself.


    It seems that hand histories with HEM3 settings are unreadable by driveHUD.

    It somewhat sucks for me as a lot of the hands I played last couple weeks are PLO 5/6 cards which wasn’t supported by HEM3 which is why I bought DriveHUD and well, I cannot analyze my play from the last few weeks if this doesn’t get fixed/added. That would make my investement worthless for the purpose of analyzing my plays…


    Is there a way this format could be added ? Or hands could be migrated using some tools so that driveHUD could import them ?




    2020-07-19 22:06:29,305 [25] Ycm1TuhlrORG2KF8i6G.DZ5E5BhGKNwBvCUxy69 – File C:\HM3Archive\PokerBros\2020\07\18\HH20200718 – SAfrica50%VPIP888883330230 – $5-$10 – USD Pot Limit Omaha.txt couldn’t be imported
    DriveHUD.Common.Exceptions.DHBusinessException: Unknown hand format
    at HandHistories.Parser.Parsers.Factory.HandHistoryParserFactoryImpl.GetFullHandHistoryParser(String handText)
    at Ycm1TuhlrORG2KF8i6G.DZ5E5BhGKNwBvCUxy69.Import(String , IDHProgress , GameInfo )
    at Ycm1TuhlrORG2KF8i6G.DZ5E5BhGKNwBvCUxy69.Import(FileInfo[] , IDHProgress )


    We have our developer check this. please wait for our update.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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