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    a)  No hud indication for new player:

    I was multi tabling on ignition when i noticed an “N” on the player from ignition indicating he was a new player to the table but the hud showed i had 83 hands on him. then within a few seconds the “n” new player indicator went away. if i didnt notice the “n” from ignition i would have played this guy way different.

    I waited till the hand was over and the hud changed from 83 hands to 1 hand.

    I understand the the hud shows 1 hand behind but we need some type of fix or indication or something, anything for “new players” and for “rejoining players”


    b) rejoining players:

    in a similar way to the “New Player” problem there is the rejoining player problem.

    when a player gets stacked and sits out 1 hand or if he just sits out 1 hand when he rejoins for the first hand he is missing a hud.

    i could have 100 hands on him yet it shows nothing.

    when i multi table its hard to pay attention to every detail so if he is missing a hud i think he is a new player not some player who has a deep history with me.

    please find some type of fix or work around for this or some type of notification or something, anything…




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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