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    a)  the “Opponents” tab:

    It is almost 100% useless and there was some update not long ago to add a few more players to the list.

    – Added switch to this player option to opponents report
    – Increased opponents from 20 to 100 in opponents report

    when i click on the “Opponents” tab it just shows guys who crushed me when i took a shot at higher stakes a couple years ago… for eg: played 1 hand vs a guy and he stacked me 2 years ago and he is on the report today.

    that is really not useful for me unless i just want to be tilted and remind myself why not to take a shot at higher stakes.

    i think it would be WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more useful if i could filter it by the date range like “today” the top 100 guys who rocked me or like last month or year.

    please fix this.

    b)  The “Population” tab:

    I spent many hours to make my own “player type” icons and when i click on the “population” tab it only shows the standard ones and i cant load the ones i spent hours making.

    also as it currently is there seems to be something off all the player type hands dont add up to the “all players” total hands at the bottom.  eg: nit,fish, standreg, tight reg, bad lag, tricky lag, nutball total have 460 hands while “all players” has 2400 hands.

    please fix it so i can add my own player type filter to the population report.

    Feature Requests

    a)  in sessions tab i would like “$ ev diff” just like it is in “overall” tab

    b) in “custom date range” i would like an options for what time eg: from 7am  on 2/9/20 to  11pm on 2/9/20

    c) some type of filter where i can see how many times i had AA vs KK all in preflop or KK vs AA all in preflop. Also maybe not just all in but any time i had KK and any other player at the table had AA but not just limited to AA vs KK of course.

    d) on the hud there is netwon and bb/100.  my request is for just total “BB’s won“.


    also Maybe something out there already exists but some type of feature or software add on i can run to help detect if there is any suspicious collusion spots i should look into or double check. for example: a guy in double up sng goes all in with junk vs a guy who folds AA preflop. and less obvious spots to research. like 2 guys at the table have a big history but no battles and soft play.

    DH Support

    ok, ty. Appreciate the feedback.


    I agree that the population tab should change when we make changes in the hud to specific “player types.” Personally, I use only 4 player types and have different criteria than the standard ones.

    Any progress on this?

    DH Support

    We’re working on some new optimizations first before we implement some new features around these two reports. Optimization has been a long process of creative approaches to gaining extra system speed for reports and data. It’s looking good, and there’s tons of new features around these reports we’ll be implementing once that is complete.


    Also EV BB/100 in HUD would be nice. It’s already there in reports.




    I guess they can add it but wouldn’t it take a 100 hands for it to show in your HUD? it easier just to check your dashboard.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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