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Hi Lummocks.


– Sometimes the stats panels are displayed on the wrong players.

Please check your preferred seating setup on both DriveHUD and Pokerstars and make sure they are the same. If ever the HUD is still not in the right place, please move the HUD manually then save position. It should load on the same place you saved the next time you open the same table format.

How do I re-position my HUD at the table?

– Sometimes the stats panel on a user disappears. Sometimes it reappears later.

I haven’t seen this happen. Can you please send us a message through the DH app so we can check this for you.

To send log, click on the headset / support looking icon at the top right hand corner of DriveHUD. Put your name and e-mail and a message that you’re having difficulty and make sure to have the attach log button checked and the Advance log unchecked.


– Sometimes it seems like the statistics on a player panel reset back to zero.

For DriveHUD, the Hero HUD stat on your table reset for every table, it was designed that way so that you know how you performed on that specific table which pros prefer. For other players, you get to see their historical stat (unless if you added a HUD freshness setting in your HUD profile)