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No, it will only work on the downloadable poker client, it cant track games played in browser.



1, pocket52 does not have preferred seating, you will need to arrange the HUD once on the table then save.

2. Have you tried changing the HUD (right click DriveHUD icon, go to load HUD then choose the HUD you want to use)  As for the default HUD not align, you just need to open one table, re-position the HUD then save HUD postion. after doing that, the HUD should load on the same position you saved.

3, I sent a request to make one. It should be added in our knowledge base soon.  For pocket52, you just need to make sure you have DriveHUD loaded first before your poker client. In your DH’s pocket52 site setting make sure the upper box checked and the lower box green. After doing that it should work smoothly.