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okay so i tested the 6max settings.

i duplicated my main hud 5 times and made the settings for: 2max, 3max, 6max, and 2-3-4-5-6max, anddd 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 max.

just played 1 table while testing. ( when i switch huds it switches for all tables…)


testing results: (played about 40 hands during the testing switch back and forth between duplicated huds. )

#1) when i switch to my 2max duplicated hud everyones stats get reset but mine then it just collects info like it was a normal 6max game.

#2) when i switch to 3max it shows everyone around 40 hands played

#3) when i switch to 6max it shows same stats as 3max and everyone around 40 hands played again.

#4) then i switch back to 2max it once again it resets everyones hands at the table but mine. ( and this would do it to all the tables i am playing…..)

#5) just did updated test while writing this with 9max only setting on 6 max table. it reset everyones hud but mine like the 2max and then counted off like normal


i dont think these are the settings he was talking about