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Yes, please have the team look into it and reconsider the formula that is being used. As it is written at the moment it isn’t very logical when you think about how often people are actually doing it. I’m not sure how correct or incorrect the other databases are calculating it. I don’t doubt that they may also have errors with some of their stats. I’ve only ever used HoldemIndicator which doesn’t provide the stat, so I can’t speak from experience. I can only state what I believe makes logical sense from playing a considerable amount of cash game hands in the last few years, many with DriveHUD.

I know the team are probably off most of this week for the holiday. I don’t expect a quick fix for the stat errors I come across, but I do hope that they can be addressed in a reasonable amount of time. I definitely believe that correct stats with logical formulas in DriveHUD are very important! I understand that there are higher priorities, but bad stat formulas can certainly cost your customers money at the tables, especially when they’re not corrected relatively soon after they’re discovered.

The few stat errors that haven’t been corrected is one of the only gripes I’ve ever had with the product. I still think DriveHUD and the team behind it are fantastic in all other areas! I appreciate all of the hard work!

I hope you all have a great 4th of July!

Kind Regards