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No, I’m actually playing jackpots on Ignition/Bovada.

I’m not asking for an updated BB count during a hand, just an accurate BB count at the start of the hand.

When my HUD updates from one hand to the next, the BB count always displays the number of BB’s someone had at the beginning of the previous hand, ignoring everything that actually happened in that previous hand. As mentioned in my example, the HUD comes up on Hand #2, and displays the BB counts as they were at the beginning of hand #1, ignoring everything that happened during hand #1.

It’s not just the first hand, it is always this way. After the 16th hand is played, when the 17th hand is dealt, the HUD display will update, and show everything as it has happened through and including the actions of the 16th hand, except for the BBs, this will display the BB counts as they were at the start of the 16th hand, rather than as they were at the conclusion of the 16th hand.