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DH Support

Which ones were already listed? I’m having trouble finding them after looking over the list a few times. If you’re talking about Raise Limpers in BB% then I was hoping to see a stat specific to BB vs a SB limp since more regs are open limping in the SB these days. I see Cold Call 4 Bet by position. I was hoping to see the percentage when someone opens, a second person 3bets, and a third person 4bets. How often that third person 4bets being their overall Cold 4Bet %. How often the first or second person fold to the third person’s cold 4bet would be their Fold to Cold 4Bet %. Thanks for the new stat additions! That’s one big ass list.

The cold 4-bet stats, and bet next change after opponent bets, etc… those are covered with probe bets. I’ve added any you listed that aren’t there though.

Yeah, we intentionally tried to keep it narrow in terms of stats that were seen as most critical and build out from there. Really, you can add countless stats, but most will almost never become relevant unless you have 100k+ hand samples on opponents. Some people at very high stakes have this though. So we of course want to add as many as we can.

This plus new filter list will be very cool going forward. Thanks for your feedback.