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I tried to rebuild my HM2 HUD in DriveHUD and just gave it a cursory look. Upon a closer inspection, I still cannot many important stats.


“Fold to Triple Barrel in 3-bet Pot%” even though “Fold to C-Bet 3-Bet Pot%” and “Fold to Double Barrell in 3-Bet Pot%” exist. There is “Fold to River C-Bet” but I assume it includes single raised pots and 3-bet pots and isn’t accurate for the given purpose.


The way the stats are named is very confusing. There is “Delayed Turn C-bet %” and “Delayed Turn C-bet OOP%.” Does “Delayed Turn C-bet %” include both OOP and IP? Or is it IP only? Same questions about “Fold to Double Barrel%” and “Fold to Double Barrell in 3-Bet Pot%”: Does the first one include single raised pots and 3-bet pots? So far, to find what the fold to c-bet stats are across flop, turn and river, I have the following: “Fold to C-Bet%” (not sure if overall or just OOP, despite there being a distinction for Call Flop C-Bet IP% and Call Flop C-Bet OOP%) or “Fold to Flop C-Bet OOP%”, “Fold to Double Barrel” (again, not sure if this is overall or just IP), “Fold to River C-Bet” (same as the previous two). For 3-bet pots, I have “Fold to C-Bet 3-Bet Pot%” (accurate), “Fold to Double Barrell [sic] in 3-Bet Pot%” (enough clarity but why call it double barrel? I think it’s better to give it a simple searchable ‘C-bet’ name) and no fold to triple barrel in 3bet pot stats.


For C-Bet by street and SRP/3BP, I could only find the SRP/3BP for the flop. Turn only has a vague “Double Barrel%” stat that might include both which will be misleading for desired purposes. River only has “Triple Barrel%”.


HM2’s “Skip flop CB and Fold to Turn Bet IP” aka “Fold to turn probe” is “Checks flop as PFR and Fold to Turn Bet%” but without positional on srp/3bet distinction. There does not seem to be any “Skip Turn CB and Fold to River Bet”  aka “River probe” stats.

Found “bet river after flop bet and turn check” as “Bet River on BX Line%” but no srp/3bet distinction (which HM2 also does not have).

Could not find stats for probe turn (Flop/turn bet vs Missed CB OOP/IP and 3bet pot OOP/IP),

No flop or river aggression factor, but there is what I assume is total AF (named “AF (Aggression Factor)” and turn AF.



I am a heads up specialist and a lot of the vital stats are missing. Software looks great but I won’t be making the switch until these stats are available.