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Drivehud takes little CPU usage (usually less than 5%). Your screenshot is < 1%, and memory < 5%. The issue is when running long sessions of 10+ hours on BOL, and having other programs at other sites going. That was what the issue was related to 24 tables across 3 sites, using 2 database programs. But any ways…

BOL is an extreme resource hog. We re-worked the HUD to work better on BOL/Ignition. Use this build:

DriveHUD beta update – v1.4.1.1890:

1. Fixed the issue when make/edit notes popup didn’t appear sometimes
2. Fixed the issue when PartyPoker hands weren’t imported after the break in tournament
3. Fixed the issue when duplicates might appear in the player list when new hand was imported
4. Fixed the issue when DH showed incorrect net won for iPoker hands (rebuild is required to correct existing data)
5. Improved HUD performance
6. Fixed the issue when DH switched to the first line in the report when new hand was imported
7. GG network fixes