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Conversely, I’m getting all sorts of pre and post flop notes written for hero even though I have it set so notes are not taken on hero. It’s irritating to have this huge box of text pop up with my own notes when I’m trying to multitable. It’s easy to hover over it by accident. I’d definitely like to be able to access these notes somewhere, I just don’t want to see my own notes on the HUD in game.

Related: Villain’s notebox doesn’t stay open long enough when I hover over his X. I need more than a couple of seconds to read and interpret that information on the fly.

There’s an option in x-ray settings to turn off notes for hero. But if they are already written you’ll have to manually delete them.

As far as the hover, funny you mention that because they made a change to that a couple of days ago to hover longer. So that will be added in the next build.