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DH Support

So i know its just release for testing etc but loading it up and trying to decipher how to know if xray is indeed running. i don’t have much of a database currently but will have soon but with the HUD there is the play button that changes when it is running or not that makes sense. i do see a play button in the xray app but have not seen it change to know if it is running correctly or what not. is there a tutorial video out there already that i have overlooked? thank you in advance for your time and happy grinding!!!

As a beta tester you should have gotten instructions on this. The first time you open xray you’ll want to run a notes profile from the main menu. After that, go to settings, and enable xray to do auto notes. That’s it. There’s nothing else you have to do. You don’t have to have it open or running when playing. It will write notes to DH automatically from that point forward.