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DH Support

I’m trying to configure a HUD. Got your email as an existing user of Ignition / Chico HUD helpers. I’m trying to create a popup but I don’t see flop/turn/river c-bet stats. I do see a general “c-bet” which I assume is for the flop as well as a turn double barrel stat but I’m not sure if that’s the same thing as turn cbet. Also I cannot put an unopened PFR (RFI) stat onto the main table. There’s only an option for PFR.

Yes, c-bet if for the flop, double barrel is for turn c-bet. There’s not a a river c-bet, but there’s river agg% which I think is a generally better indicator. RFI is UO-PFR. There’s a whole definition list here:

What are the HUD stat definitions?

And if there’s a stat we don’t have you want, please add it in suggestions. We will be adding more stats here soon.