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DH Support

When I doubleclick the Programs Icon it just starts up and hangs at the “Buy Register OK” screen. I click OK, Buy and Register and none of them work. Also why would you make it so that it is on top of all running programs? There is no way to minimize it. I can’t close it with Task Manager because its behind your program. The only way to close it is by restarting the pc.

I haven’t hard of this before, but I’d assume it’s your virus/scanner firewall blocking the outbound connection. Try temp turning those off, or adding drivehud as a safe exception.

The program needs to be listed on top on load, but you should still be able to close it w/ task manager, or go to your task bar and X. I don’t know what OS you’re running.

I’m 99.89% sure it’s a virus scanner blocking it, and hanging it. Although it should just time out, but I have no idea what your setup is.

If you need more help, just let us know.