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Is this an experiment or tried and tested or is it to try to get these sites like america’s card room and betonline to work with a hud. It seems if the new release of a beta or the newest release doesn’t work correctly you can’t play poker with a drive hud until the next release comes out which is weeks. When i email support they send me the same auto response to reset my activation code which is useless. I’m not playing poker since i started getting drive hud and betonline broke down i’ve tried to play america’s card room and the hud will just not pop up. It marks a mtt down as played and is in my tournament gallery of tournaments played but when i played there was no hud. I’ve read the online manual the other material and i can’t find a solution without some sort of support. i added my problems on the support forum and haven’t gotten a response for over 7 hours. On the new release i can’t even set up a custom hud and save it as my own custom name. When i do and i shut down drive hud the custom hud created and the custom hud name is deleted after i saved it before i exited out. This has all happened since i downloaded the newest version of the drivehud. I used to be able to create custom huds easily and save them by my own custom names on the trial version that i paid for a year through. I would appreciate a response and possibly some answers for these problems sometime soon.