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DH Support

so i may have ask about this before but i got HU in a sng and got to thinking about it again… there going to be a way to filter stats per stack size or player numbers? like how players stats are 4handed 5handed HU? i think i do remember asking about this before but i thought i would throw it out there again.. i know HM2 does this but i am not sure about pt4 i know in hm2 it is called tournament filters…where it shows filtered stats in game per stack size, players left etc however u have the filters set

In the tournaments section of DriveHUD there’s a stack size report. So they are broken down by stack size and color coded, and then for # of players you’d create a new filter for that number of players. That’s the easiest way right now.

We’re going to be adding a ton more stats here soon, and new reports and custom reports as well. All on the list here.