DH Support

so my delimma is that i play on laptop late at night and dekstop during the day. I dont know if its possible to “merge” information from one computer to the other but is there a way to maybe add “win” information? just trying to figure out how to keep my information accurate. I placed 6th in a mtt on the laptop last night and was reviewing information but since that game was on laptop i dont see it on the desktop obviously. And i have other sng/mtt information on the laptop but the desktop i have my study information such as ICMizer and HRC etc. so other than the money information also the hands played information i dont see on the desktop. I really have no idea if its possible to merge the two together or what i am even asking lol….its a brainstorm at this point but i hope that makes sense?


Right now, it’s possible to do, but a bit of a hassle. I wouldn’t really recommend it, but if you are really interested, send a message to support and we can walk you through it. We have development plans for a “cloud” system of sorts that will allow you to merge your data. It was just in the initial DH plans, but not in development yet. But it will happen, but I do also think this is going to be an additional monthly charge for the service from what I’m told.