DH Support

Hello and good day. I would like to start by saying I have been using DH since the 2nd of release and its been awesome seeing the progress. But some friends of mine that I have intoduced to DH brought up along with myself that if and when you add different categories of stats it starts cluddering up the table especially for multitabling grinders. So my suggestion/question is if there is thoughts of making DH popup compatible? Like i see that you have pop ups for VPIP/PFR 3bet and the like already and its awesome but in the future will u be able to make customizable popups with DH? Thanks again for your awesome product and please keep up the hard work!!!!!

Yes. We are still in Alpha with the new HUD designer, but this was part of the plan all along. In the new HUD designer, everything will be snap to grid and you can select what kind of pop-up you want for a stat… want a vertical graph on c-bet ranges… bam, pull and drag it to that stat. Want a heat map for 3-bet range, bam, drag and drop it. And so on.

We’re still in early alpha testing, but this is part of the next big release. It was part of the plan the entire time and that’s why there’s a pop-up drop down option in the color range area of the current HUD designer.

Small preview of some of these pop-ups:


Just a couple of examples. You’ll be able to flop it whatever way, select colors for indicators, etc..