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DH Support

Hello, and thank you for your thoughtful suggestions.

1) There’s an active session report that I think is what you’re referring to. In the reports section, scroll all the way to the right.

2) If you add a note to a tagged hand, it will display like this, but if it’s just tagged, then it will only show when you select tagged hands. I’ll pass this suggestion on.

3) Auto-refresh happens in the live play screen. It’s mainly not done in the primary screen reports to save resources for people with lower end systems. You can right click anywhere on a report and click refresh. I think the live play screen solved this issue though if you look at it. And this is an option setting we can add later, but try that report and see if it meets your needs.

4) This could possibly be a future setting. Did you try the white skin version? The fonts pop off a little more on the white background as opposed to the black background. You can select your dark/light skin from the settings (gear) option at the top right hand side.