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Good Evening,

I just downloaded the trial version.  I’m impressed with the overall look.  I’m overwhelmed with all the possible information.  However, the initial setup doesn’t seem too friendly for the tech deficient. (no YouTube videos on initial set up.  you should make one) I’m going to have sooo many questions.   It took me two days to figure out how to sync my sites to the software.  I just played a few hands of cash and a baby micro tourney just to see the interface.  not bad. I already have a few questions prior to the end of the trial and i purchase it completely.

  1. is there an index for the color codes?
  2. will i have to always move the stat box each time i log into a new game or will it remember where i placed it going forward.
  3. i noticed it combined my tourney with my cash game showing I lost over $10k when I only played 2 micros cash and 2 tourneys.
  4. the alias, can I change the name? or will i have to delete and recreate?
  5. how do I combine all the stats from each site?

I’ll leave it there for now.  I’m excited to go back and tinker with it