What is an online poker hud?

An online poker hud places an overlay on your online poker tables with stats about your opponents and your own play. Most poker huds will track players data over the lifetime of the sessions you play, so if you come across that same player again, you’ll have stats on how they play. Some poker sites do not allow huds, or limit the use of the data that can be used. Pokerstars for examples allows the use of huds, but regulated what HUD developers are allowed to display.

What kinds of stats are in poker huds?

There can be literally hundreds of poker stats that are tracked in a poker hud. Some of the most common stats tracked are VPIP (voluntarily put in pot), PFR% (pre-flop raise percentage), 3-Bet (3-bet percentage), AGG% (aggression calculation), c-bet% (continuation bet percentage). Most HUDs today have pop-up data that can break down stats even further by position, and by opponent type.

Should you use an online poker hud?

Yes. If a site allows you to use a HUD, there’s no reason not to use one. It’s not only helpful for knowing what type of opponents you’re playing against, but it’s extremely helpful for multi-tabling (playing more than one table) and tracking your own hands for review. One of the best functions of a  poker hud is that you can review and replay your sessions, run filter, and look for areas where you may be leaking money. If you’re not using a HUD, you’re just leaving money on the table.