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If you have been playing online Poker Tracker for long, you might be interested in keeping an eye on the tournament results. Let us tell you a huge poker secret today; PokerStars tournament history is the exact section where you should be looking in order to make the most out of your game.

PokerStars tournament history

What’s In The Bucket?

The PokerStars tournament history includes detailed information about the finishing positions and the players who have been knocked out of the tournament can import this information from the history files. Moreover, once you are eliminated from a tournament, the PT3 files are also saved on your computer separately.

To find these files on your computer you have to configure the Auto Import> PokerStars Configuration so that you can have the configured file for viewing and reading the results. The configured files are present in the lobby menu of the PokerStars. Go to the Options> Tournament and then to the Summary Options. This can be easily detected by the AutoDetect.

Getting The Complete Results from Pokerstars Tournament History

This method is only for finding out your own results and the results of others can be viewed but only till the point that the tournament ended for you. In other words, the PokerStars tournament history is only available to the point that you were knocked out of the tournament. In case you wish to find the complete results of the tournament, you have to request it humbly through an email. Go to the lobby of PokerStars and go to Requests> tournament history. Once you have the email for the complete results, you can simply save the results by directly importing from the email or by saving all of the contents to different files by means of importing. More information can be found for the configuration of the emails as importing of results from the email may require a thorough understanding of all the available options.

The Audit File

The PokerStars tournament history once imported, you may also receive a complete Audit file if you request it. The format of this file should be .csv so that you can easily update the result of all the tournaments that you have been involved in. These files will only be stating whether you have won or lost at the tournament.

There will be no information about the position that you finished the tournament on. Such information can be separately requested for by going to the lobby menu of the PokerStars. Click on Requests than go to “Playing History Audit. In order to get the complete results, you have to enable the Overwrite Tournament Summary Data option present in the tab for Manual Import. This can lead to overwriting of a lot of information, so it is recommended that you develop a backup of the database before importing anything so that your data can be saved.


Overall, this information can be helpful for the regular players who may at times find themselves confused between receiving the complete results or audit of the tournament. The above mentioned simple steps can help in understanding how the information can be requested, retrieved and stored. This can also be helpful for the new players who might not be aware of the PokerStars options.