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PokerBros HUD support on DriveHUD

Continuing with the legacy of supporting top poker rooms, DriveHUD now offers PokerBros HUD. It is a fast, accurate, and highly intuitive room for PokerBros room that helps you ace the highly competitive room. Asian rooms come with features that normally make it hard for the HUDs to track the hands in an efficient way. First, the tablespace is not large enough to overlay a HUD with many statistics. Secondly, the data sample fetched about the opponents is not large enough to produce highly accurate data. But with DriveHUD’s integrated HUD for PokerBros, you get high-quality tracking software for your favorite room.

How PokerBros HUD Works on DriveHUD

pokerbros hud

PokerBros HUD works on DriveHUD with the help of the Asian Hand Converter. Asian Hand Converter is an application developed by DriveHUD which allows you to run HUDs and track your games on most of the popular Asian poker rooms.  This application comes in-built with the DriveHUD so if you are a DriveHUD user, you can get in-built support for PokerBros.

To start tracking your hands in PokerBros room, you just have to open the DriveHUD application and click on Asian Hand Converter option and the tracking will start automatically.

Standalone PokerBros HUD for non-DriveHUD users

There are a plethora of database options to track your poker hands. If you are one of the users who use another database than DriveHUD, you can still get a PokerBros HUD developed by the DriveHUD platform. The Asian Hand Converter has a stand-alone version that you can use to track PokerBros and other Asian Poker rooms.

This standalone version of the Asian Hand Converter has a free trial period which allows you to test your PokerBros HUD and buy it only if provides you with a good tracking experience. Moreover, it is easy to set up and run. All it takes is a few clicks to set up and run your convertor.  While the converter is internally integrated to DriveHUD, you can seamlessly use the convertor on other poker tracking software such as Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager.

However, DriveHUD is always recommended!

Using DriveHUD to track your online poker games has many benefits, and the internal integration of Asian Hand Converter is just one of them. DriveHUD is undoubtedly the best poker HUD that is full of features to assist you in live hands tracking as well as offline game analysis. This means that not only you get assistance in winning more, but also enough data for post-game analysis; where you could improve, what are your strengths, and what the fault lines are where your moves become vulnerable.

DriveHUD is the best poker hud that has the features that enable you to take your poker game to next level and develop yourself as a Pro in the online poker arena.  Obviously, you will get the best experience using the Pro version of DriveHUD; but before that, you have a 14 day trial period to test and try all the features it offers!