Live poker and online poker have some obvious differences. One of the most important differences is the ability to use poker tracking software in order to enhance your game and get better results.  Live poker is all about your brain and luck; however, online poker gives opportunities to those who do not have a lot of experience and intuitive minds to read the opponents’ moves first hand.


Poker Tracking Software

poker tracking software

This post is an introduction to what is poker tracking software. We will also tell you why these packages are very important no matter how better a player you are or become over time. Lastly, we will give you some useful tips on how to choose the right tracking software for yourself.


Why Poker Tracking Software is Important?

There are different types of poker tracking software available in the market and every type has its own effectiveness.  Mostly, poker software tools are used to record your hand, keep a record of the hands that your opponents play, players game results and poker history, and so on. All these statistics help you understand the leaks that you give to your opponents. Also, you get to understand the mindset of the player who is playing against you.  When you have an idea of your opponents, you can better judge the tendencies and hence get the results you want.


Who Should Use It?

There are a lot of discussions going on about who should use this kind of software. There are newbies, rookies, experienced players, and experts when it comes to player types in online poker.  Some experts are of the opinion that tracking software for poker is a BIG NO; unless you have played a couple of thousand hands in the online arena. The reason that they give is that since the online poker is a totally different domain, players coming from live poker get confused with using multiple poker platforms.

However, things are changing and this logic is getting weaker each day. The players of today are better connected with the online world than the players 10 years ago. Using multiple software programs at a time is not a big problem at all.  There is a large group of experts who suggest that players of all types and of all skill levels should use tracking software for poker.


Choosing the Right Poker Tracking Software

Every day, new software packages come into the market; and the makers of that software claim that they have just made the ultimate poker winning solution for the players. You know that this is not the actual case.  It is hard to find the right choice when you find unlimited options.  There are paid software packages that charge you hundreds of dollars. Then there are free software packages who offer equally good features and you are surprised why the paid software take so much money when the free software has similar features.

If you a new online poker player, we suggest you take a route between the two options.  Go for the paid software packages, because they ensure your data privacy and always have good customer support. However, do not go for such packages as they charge you very high. You can find high quality and affordable tracking software in the market easily.