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Poker Tracking – Best Tools and Software

Online poker is competitive, and to improve as a player and win more, analyzing your opponents is a very important aspect.  Poker tracking is no more a luxury that a select portion of poker players use; it’s a primary tool for players of all levels and interests to stand out and have an upper hand over their opponents.

Just like any other game, every player of online poker has his own ‘playing style’.  And, just like any other game, if you get to know the playing style of your opponent beforehand, you already have more chances of winning. Poker Tracking software or HUDs give you a complete picture of your opponents in different forms and numbers.

Why Poker Tracking Software is Important?

poker tracking

Since the introduction of online poker in the early 2000s, nothing has affected the game more positively than the poker tracking software. It has not only allowed good players to keep higher streaks of winning but has also allowed the online poker platforms to attract new players in large numbers by making the game relatively easier for them.

Poker is a game of strategy, and let’s be honest, not every one of us is good at making better strategies. Some of us can’t even plan for a day without serious effort. In such a situation, poker trackers or HUDs help the players in breaking down a strategy into simple numbers and graphs. Thus, allowing any bungler to play online poker with better chances of winning.

HUDs are a powerful tool that displays everything you want to know about your opponent in the form of floating windows. HUDs started as lethal weapons for Pros only, and for the first few years, the players who were aware of the HUDs racked up heaps of money, especially from the newbies who didn’t have any idea about what was actually going on.  This created a huge gap between different players, and the online poker game got boring overall, with Pros preferring to ‘hunt’ newbies only.  But with the increased awareness of HUDs among all forms of players, the newbies got their hands dirty with the HUDs and started competing with the Pros.

The increased competitiveness and fair chances of winning for everyone brought back the general interest that was once lost.

How to choose the best poker tracking software

Just like every other thing in demand, HUDs have also improved a lot with time. There are plenty of options and in the end, it comes down to personal preferences and likes. The best poker HUD will work with a simple user interface that everyone can understand easily, at the same time, it will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your opponent by providing you with all the important statistics.

Another important aspect of choosing the right poker tracking tool is ensuring that the HUD is compatible with the poker sites/platforms you use.  The HUD price and customer support after sales are also very important factors in deciding the best poker HUD for yourself.