Poker HUD Stats, for Online Poker Players

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Live poker and online poker are different. While live poker gives you a chance to know your opponents in person, the online poker has benefits of playing multiple hands at the same time. There are so many differences between the two, but the biggest is using software tools in online poker. Online poker players can use HUDs and use the Poker HUD stats to better their game.


Poker HUD Stats

If you are a live poker player and planning to move on to online poker as a hobby, you should know about Poker HUDs and how Poker HUD stats help you in your game.  Here, we will see how a poker HUD works and what are some important HUD stats that every online player should know.


What is Poker HUD?

Poker HUD stats

HUD is a short form of Heads up Display. A poker HUD is basically a software tool that collects different forms of important data and displays over your screen while you are playing live poker. The poker HUD stats include your hand history, history of your opponents. This type of information helps you understand the approach and playing style of your opponents; thus helping you control the game in a better way and improve your chances of winning more hands.


Important Poker HUD stats

Here is a short description of some important Poker HUD stats that are most commonly used by all online poker players who use a HUD.


Every HUD must provide this statistic to your otherwise that HUD is useless. Simple as that. VPIP is one of the most important and most basic statistics provided by the HUDs. It is the count of voluntary money put ins by your opponent. It tells you about how many times your opponent is involved in a preflop.


ATS is another statistic that every good HUD must provide to an online poker player. This statistic is an indicator of how many times the other player tries to steal blinds when he finds himself in a position. The higher the rate, the more aggressive your opponent is. This statistic also tells you about the game awareness shown by your opponent; so, you must be ready for a pressure situation whenever there is a steal opportunity for your opponent.


3BET is one of the important Poker HUD stats that tell you the number of times your opponent 3bets when he has the opportunity. Your game strategy and moves change greatly according to this number. For example, if the opponent’s 3bet is very high, you don’t need to raise your own ATS. On the other hand, if the opponent’s 3bet is low, you can increase your raising frequency.


This stat tells you how many hands you have against your opponent. You get hands against a player when you have played against him. So, the hand number is an indicator of how many times you two have played against each other. The larger the number of hands, the better it is in understanding the opponents’ strategy and game plans.