Some professional online poker players believe that using online poker tools will be able to raise them to a new level. This might be a bit of an overreach, the tools are great for keeping statistics of all the opponent moves. It’s essentially just data, and the only way to process all that data is through the mind of a well versed online poker player.

The statistics can vary big time, which does make them a bit unreliable. Although there are ways of making online poker tools more useful, but one should keep them from becoming a crutch. Simply put, use the tools when you are playing online poker, but don’t expect them to win the hands for you.

Online Poker Tools


Sample Size for Online Poker Tools

One of the simplest ways to turn your poker tracking software stats into meaningful ones is to have a sample size. Data from just a few hands should not be treated as a sample because it cannot convey all the information required about a person’s playing style. A small sample size can show one side of the player, and you will learn later that your opponent has a lot more moves that the statistics didn’t allude to.

To avoid a situation like this log 100 plus hands in your online poker website, this is a preferred amount of hands. In certain cases, you may require more data to discern what your opponent’s tendencies are. Once you have the data for VPIP, PFR, AG, etc, you will have a good sized sample to draw a conclusion on the collected data.

Not a Crutch

As mentioned above, poker software or tools should be treated as aids and not a type of crutch that can automatically win you poker hands. There are many online poker players that rely entirely on the tools and paste all the statistics they have gathered on the pool of players they play against. This is a damaging practice as statistics shouldn’t be painted on every player, as they all have different styles of playing.

The biggest reason for not using this strategy is that you won’t be able to grow as an online poker player when you are using stats to play. It will be a mathematical approach, you will not develop instincts that will help you to become an elite poker player. The way to treat stats as a tool that can give you that extra boost when you require, they should be used in conjunction with your instincts and observations.

Stats can provide you with the information about your opponent how they have played hands against other players and you. An opponent may adjust the style of play according to your playing style, this is where observation should be used combined with statistics.

Once you are able to look beyond the data and mathematical nature of the data and start seeing the conclusions that need to be drawn, you will be able to practically predict their moves. You will clearly see the patterns of the opponent and devise strategies for countering them. An apparent change in your poker results will be present and the positivity will be present in the statistics and your growth as a poker player.