If you are new to the world of online poker, you must have heard about the Heads Up HUD; a term that most of the seasoned poker players use during the gameplay.  Heads Up HUD plays a vital role in online poker. If you are a newbie, or a player who has been  playing online player a low or mid-level, or a player who has been a very good player offline and want to try your luck in the booming online world,  HUDs are going to be one of the most important tools to accompany you along your Poker career.

Let’s find out what it is and how it helps you make better decisions and get better results in your poker games.

Heads Up HUD

Heads Up HUD, or, a Poker HUD, is a software program that gathers and displays all the important information about your opponents while you play the game.  This information is displayed in such a way that it overlays your game table without interrupting the game.

The displayed information includes statistics about each of your opponents. These statistics and information include their hands’ history, win rate, game strategies, and much more.  This type of data helps you understand how your opponents will approach the game. This means that you are aware of your opponents’ strengths. Hence, you will make your moves accordingly so as to challenge their potential moves.

How Poker HUD works?

heads up hud

While Poker HUDs do all the important work and display important information to assist the players in their gameplay, their way of operation is fairly simple.  All the poker platforms (websites where online poker is played) store information of all the players who play online Poker on their site.  A Heads Up HUD works by retrieving information from one or more of those sites; and displaying it in a systematic manner. This doesn’t mean at all the HUDs steal information from private space. The information on all the poker platforms is available for public and anyone can access it. Just that a Poker HUD retrieves all the required information; and arranges it in such a way that a player can easily look at the opponent’s game history which a match is on.


Can you win without a Heads Up HUD?

Yes. You can win a poker game without using a HUD. Because, in the end, every win or loss depends on the decisions and a bit of luck. Again, it is important to understand what a HUD does; it is not a magic tool to convert every poker game into a win. It is a software that helps you make better decisions by providing you with some important information about your opponents. Now, if you are confident that you don’t need any information to make better decisions, you can skip using any HUD. However, there is no denying the fact that a HUD gives you the type of information that you cannot get from any other source. It is always good to keep an eye on your opponent; it gets easier to compete when you already have an idea about your opponent.