Can you use a HUD on Party Poker?

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Can you use a HUD on Party Poker?

One of the hottest questions in the online poker arena is ‘Can you use a HUD on Party Poker?‘ And the answer is, “No”. Since June 2019, online poker players cannot use HUDs while playing on Party Poker. Explaining the ban on the HUDs the authorities at Party Poker said that the Party Poker always wanted to be a level-playing field for all and advocates for fairness in the game.

Why Can’t you use a HUD on Party Poker?

Can you use a hud on Party Poker

Online poker is becoming more popular among recreational and amateur players. In fact, they are what make the most of the online poker community. People at Party Poker realized that the use of HUDs made it difficult for the newbies and recreational players to enjoy the game. Thus, they had to cater to the interests of the majority and eliminate the use of HUDs from the platform.  This, in turn, gives recreational players a level playing field where they could enjoy trying their odds.

What Regular Players have to say about the Party Poker HUD Ban?

The ban has certainly impacted the interest of regular players who, being the pros of the game, would have otherwise loved to use HUDs and other helping software tools to jack up their earnings.  Professional online poker players generally like the idea of including Poker HUDs in the online game.  So, it is a challenge for the Party Poker platform to keep a balance between the traffic (as the majority of the users comprises of rookies and newbies) and the quality of the game.

On online platforms, many regular players just hate the idea that some online poker platforms don’t allow them to download their hands. If a player is interested in revisiting his on-game strategy, he has to study his hands so that he can analyze and improve. Restricting regular players from downloading the hands and also restricting the use of different software tools just kills the fun for them.

Can other Platforms Ban the Use of HUD too?

We discussed above the pros and cons of banning a HUD on a poker platform.  While recreational players influenced Party Pokers to change their policy about the use of HUDs, it has also affected the interest of regulars and professional players to look at Party Poker as a platform where they can boost their earnings. So far, the major online playing platforms such as PokerStars have shown no such intension to ban the use of HUDs.  That being said, it’s totally each platform’s discretion to enforce any such policy after analyzing the interest of its visitors.

Final Verdict

In this article, we answered the question can you use a HUD on Party Poker? The answer was No. We discussed that the main reasons behind the Party Poker’s decision to ban the use of HUDs on its games; which is the influx of recreational players or non-regular players; who simply don’t know how to compete with the regulars. The regulars use HUDs to analyze their opponents and make better decisions.