Best Poker Software in 2021

Good poker tracking software is essentially the most popular must-have tool for virtual poker platforms. Whether it’s an online poker game or a live challenge, poker tracking software can help take the game to the next level! But with so many poker software and tools in the market, the search for the best poker software can not only maximize a player’s winnings but also help to rise in stakes.

When considering database software, the most powerful tool at your disposal, they serve some top-notch features which make them crucial for online players. Below are some of the best poker software and what makes each one special!

Main Features of Poker Software

best poker software

best poker software

The best poker software serve three main features which include:

  1. Tracking hands: What makes poker programs crucial for virtual players is that they track hands you play and give the players an overview of their strategy leaks. In a way, they provide a framework for the overall game
  2. Assess and calculate statistics: They calculate the opponent’s as well as the player’s statistics to spot the various trends in the plan of action and thus, give a heads up to the player.
  3. Provide HUD: HUD is one primer function of poker programs that helps to display the rival’s stats while playing the game. The HUD is customizable so players can include any statistics they prefer.

Most Popular Poker Software

Among some of the most popular software, five have made it to the top of the market and serve as top trackers. These include:

  1. PokerTracker 4: It features a flawless installation, smooth software running, filter interface, customizable HUD, automatically imports hand histories, and supports multi-table tournaments. It also offers a 14-day trial period to new users.
  2. Holdem Manager: It overlays key opponent stats while the built-in reports provide a post-session analysis of the results. It also filters capabilities for hands and helps to improve the results with the help of more informed decisions. Furthermore, it offers a live play dashboard, pre-configured HUD, and visual opponent feedback.
  3. DriveHUD: It serves as one of the easiest poker interfaces with clean and clear data, easy navigation, and out-of-the-box HUDs ready for action. It also features a built-in hand replayer, a diverse array of one-click filters. It offers its users a 30-day trial period.
  4. Hand2Note: It offers a sleek database design along with dynamic functionality. Its features include simpler means of importing hand histories, exclusive statistics, a dynamic HUD, and a high speed of work. Further, its embedded HUD Designer can create static and positional HUDs.
  5. Poker Co-Pilot: It is a versatile software with rich statistics and data visuals along with customizable HUDs. It is simple with a smooth transition of hand histories. It also offers a free 30-day trial version.

Which is the Best Poker Software?

As of now, PokerTracker and Holdem Manager are by far the most popular and top-notch poker tools in the virtual poker world. However, DriveHUD has served as one of the challenging software to dominate these two. Eventually, it’s up to the players to decide what suits their interests better!