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Poker tracking software is an important tool for modern online poker; without it, a player of any skill level can face a lot of difficulties in winning. A HUD is the most important component of any poker tracking software. There are a plethora of options when it comes to HUDs and choosing the best poker HUD always depends on personal preferences. However, there must be a base criterion through which a HUD must pass to qualify for the best HUD contest.  This criterion should involve the features that a HUD offers to the player. Also, the ease of use, data processing speed, customer assistance, and user interface are some of the features that are involved in choosing a HUD.


Poker tracking software

best poker hud

It is an established fact that almost 100% of all poker players, including both the professional players and the recreational players, who have won a poker game use poker tracking software. This stat alone is enough to prove the effectiveness of tracking software in online poker.

Poker trackers run alongside your poker clients and track your every hand from every table. They also store the data of your opponents and can fetch the previous history of any players from available online poker databases. A HUD displays the relevant information against every player while you are playing; this helps you analyze the moves of your opponents and develop a strategy based on their playing tendencies. Hence, the best poker HUD would be the one that does all this better than all the other software.

A player cannot memorize every move of every player on every table; also, he can never process any information to form an opinion while playing hands at the same time. It’s a machine thing and machines and software handle it pretty well in the end.


Why DriveHUD is the best poker HUD?

Every poker HUD comes with its selling features and a price tag. However, the features that make DriveHUD stand out from the rest are the ones that are most useful for the users as well. That’s why many neutral reviews also term DriveHUD as the best poker HUD. Here are some of the DriveHUDs features.


Time is the most valuable asset in online poker. DriveHUD’s software is one of the fastest available in the market. The software loads in no time and starts fetching, analyzing, and producing numbers right away. This clearly gives you an upper hand, especially if one or more of your opponents use relatively slower software.

User assistance and help information

When you log in to DriveHUD’s site, you will see that the website is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate. Moreover, user assistance is available 24/7 in the form of help articles, blogs, and guides. Personal assistance is also available and users can reach the software assistance team through a simple message.

Cross-platform compatibility

The software is designed for Windows-based systems; however, you can easily run the software through emulators on any device that you use.