The Tournament tab is the main DriveHUD tournament interface. Here is where you’ll find all of your MTT (multi-table tournaments), and S&G (sit and go) statistics. Below is an overview of the tournament interface:

A) Tournament Tab – This is the tab that is present in all sections of DriveHUD that allows you to view your tournament statistics. Tournament and cash game statistics are kept separate. Cash game statistics can be viewed from the Dashboard Tab.

B) HUD Tab – This is where you can design your own HUD or select your default HUD for each game type, poker site, and table type you’ll be playing. This button on the tab is used to start and stop the HUD. Click the Stop button to stop the HUD, or if it’s already stopped, the PLAY (or run) button to engage and run the HUD. If the HUD is running, you will see the STOP button by default.

C) Filters – Click this drop down to create a custom filter, or load a quick date filter from the drop-down. Once filters are created, they are shown between the Reports section of DriveHUD (Below P), and the hand grid section (letter U).

D) Selected Player – Click here to select which player’s stats you want to load in the Dashboard. You must have a selected player in order to show hand data. You can select from the drop-down list, or begin typing in a player name to locate that player. Player name HERO is used in DriveHUD by default for your player name. To Change this, go to the settings menu (Letter I).

E) Import – Click here to import hand histories that DriveHUD supports. You can import by file or by folder. You can also import by file and click CTRL + left mouse click to select multiple files.

F) Setting Menu – The settings menu contains options such as General options, Site settings, Currency settings, Rakeback and Bonus settings, as well as Upgrade and support form options. If you need to send a log file to support, you go to the settings menu and the support tab. Fill out your e-mail and issue, and attach a log file (selected by default).

G) Power Button – This closes down your DriveHUD session. Above the power button lists your current version number of DriveHUD. There is also a Purchase button if you wish to purchase or upgrade your current version. The Upgrade button allows you to enter in a new serial if you have purchased an upgrade from the DriveHUD store. Simply enter your e-mail and serial into the box to upgrade your current version.

H) Tournament Results Over View – Here you’ll see a brief overview of how many MTT’s, and S&G’s you’ve played, along with how many you’ve won.

I) Graphing Options – Here you can turn on/off different lines on the tournament graph by checking and unchecking the four option boxes. ITM% (In the money – percentage of the time that you entered a tournament and cashed), ROI% (Return on investment – percentage of return you got on the amount you invested in tournament buy-ins), $ (Total dollars won), Luck (How lucky you were in your all-in situations in tournaments).

J) Currency Selector – From this drop-down menu, you can select currency, chips or BB.

K) Tournament Selector – From this drop-down menu, you can select to display all tournaments, S&G or MTT.

L) Graph Iterations – You can select the length of time that your chart shows, for this current week, the current month, or year.

M) Tournament Bracelets – This will display your first place, second place, and third place finishes for MTT’s and S&G’s. The most recent win amounts will display below the bracelet. You can review and re-play any of these wins by simply clicking on the tournament win amount below the bracelet.

N) Tournament Graph – A visual representation of how you’ve performed in your tournaments. To turn off or on graphing options, select the corresponding graphing options in section I.

O) Tournament Reports  – Click on any of the report tabs to show stats for that aspect of your poker game. They are Results (overall results from each tournament type you’ve played), Tournaments (complete list of every tournament you’ve played, initially sorted by date), Stats (the overall stats for each tournament type you’ve played), Stack size (shows what your stats are based on your different stack sizes in tournaments, and how you’ve performed), Position (see your stats by each position at the table), Hole Cards (analyze your game by each hole card type you played), Showdown hands (look at your results based on hands that went to showdown), Poker Site (separate your stats out by the poker site you played at).

P) Stat Headers – You can left-click on any column to sort your stats by data results. First left-click will sort by lowest number first, then by highest number, then absolute value. Right-click on the column header at any place to add or remove a stat to the report you’re currently on.

Q) Stat Results – Here’s where the actual results for each stat category will display.

R) Last Number of Hands – This drop down will allow you to limit the number of hands that are displayed in the hands grid (section W). The default is last 100. The lower the number you use here, the fewer system resources you’ll use.

S) Show Hole Cards – If hole cards are known, they will show by default when you load the re-player. If you don’t want to see your opponents’ hole cards, make sure this is unchecked. It is checked by default.

T) Tagged Hands – Check this if you wish to display only hands you’ve tagged for review in the hands grid (section W). It will default to All tagged hands, but you can select For Review, Bluff, Hero Call, and Big Fold as well.

U) Poker Equity Calculator – You can click on this at any time to load the equity calculator and run equity calculation on any poker situation. You can also right-click on any hand in the hands grid (section W), and select – run equity calculation and it will auto load all of the hand data for the hand you selected.

V) Hands Grid Headers – This section shows all of the categories for the individual hands you played. Left-click on any header to sort by first lowest number, the second click is the highest number, and the third click is the absolute value. Right click on the header to add or remove a category from the header.

W) Hands Grid – This is where all of your individual hands are displayed. Right-click on any hands to Calculate equity (launch the hand in the equity calculator), export the hand to a forum format (this will copy to your read buffer and you can CTRL+P or right click to paste the info), Replay the hand (this will launch the hand in the hand re-player), Tag the hand for review, or Make a Note on the hand (in which case a note icon will display at the end of the hand in the equity column).