Step 1 – Once DriveHUD is downloaded from the website, open file explorer and open the file – DriveHUD-install.exe.

Step 2 – Read the license agreement and check that you agree to the License terms and conditions. By default Create a Desktop Shortcut and Create a Start Menu Shortcut will be selected. If you don’t want to add these, then uncheck those boxes. The default install folder is also listed and can be changed.

drivehud install

Step 3 – Click Install.

Step 4 – You may see a user access control screen come up and ask you if it’s OK if DriveHUD makes changes to your computer. Click YES to continue.

Step 5 –  When the installation is complete you’ll get an install complete message. Click the Launch button to run DriveHUD.

install complete

Step 6 – If you have any difficulty with installation, please contact our support from the following form: Support Page.