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[nectar_gmap size=”650″ map_center_lat=”41.821886″ map_center_lng=”12.579260″ zoom=”14″ enable_zoom=”1″ map_markers=”41.814978|12.547846|Our awesome location
41.807429|12.603979|Don’t judge us for owning so many locations
41.824445|12.656164|You can have unlimited markers on your map!
41.827259|12.517633|Don’t judge us for owning so many locations
41.830840|12.597799|You can have unlimited markers on your map!
41.821886|12.579260|You can have unlimited markers on your map!” map_greyscale=”1″ marker_image=”3184″ marker_animation=”1″ ultra_flat=”1″ dark_color_scheme=”1″]
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  • David Tovalin
    08/01/2020 1:43 pm

    Hi, this is regarding Player X-Ray. I turned on the NOTES for myself. It has shown that I’ve been donk betting. I’m confused about this. Here is my situation: pre-flop – Villain acts first and raises. I call. Then on the flop, Villain (who is the pre-flop aggressor) actually CHECKS to me (he is acting first in this situation). Then I bet. So if the pre-flop aggressor is checking, how is it a donk bet on my part? He acted first and gave up his option to continue being the aggressor. Isn’t a donk bet only when I bet into the aggressor before it is his turn to act, thereby NOT giving him a chance to continue being the aggressor? I thought a donk bet only occurred when I act before the pre-flop aggressor, yet I am being labeled a donk better when I act AFTER the pre-flop aggressor. He will raise in the small blind and I call in the big blind. Then on the flop, he checks, and I bet. I don’t feel like that should be a donk bet on my part. So am I wrong in my thinking?

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