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[nectar_gmap size=”650″ map_center_lat=”41.821886″ map_center_lng=”12.579260″ zoom=”14″ enable_zoom=”1″ map_markers=”41.814978|12.547846|Our awesome location
41.807429|12.603979|Don’t judge us for owning so many locations
41.824445|12.656164|You can have unlimited markers on your map!
41.827259|12.517633|Don’t judge us for owning so many locations
41.830840|12.597799|You can have unlimited markers on your map!
41.821886|12.579260|You can have unlimited markers on your map!” map_greyscale=”1″ marker_image=”3184″ marker_animation=”1″ ultra_flat=”1″ dark_color_scheme=”1″]

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  • David Tovalin
    08/01/2020 1:43 pm

    Hi, this is regarding Player X-Ray. I turned on the NOTES for myself. It has shown that I’ve been donk betting. I’m confused about this. Here is my situation: pre-flop – Villain acts first and raises. I call. Then on the flop, Villain (who is the pre-flop aggressor) actually CHECKS to me (he is acting first in this situation). Then I bet. So if the pre-flop aggressor is checking, how is it a donk bet on my part? He acted first and gave up his option to continue being the aggressor. Isn’t a donk bet only when I bet into the aggressor before it is his turn to act, thereby NOT giving him a chance to continue being the aggressor? I thought a donk bet only occurred when I act before the pre-flop aggressor, yet I am being labeled a donk better when I act AFTER the pre-flop aggressor. He will raise in the small blind and I call in the big blind. Then on the flop, he checks, and I bet. I don’t feel like that should be a donk bet on my part. So am I wrong in my thinking?

  • trentrdill
    05/28/2023 4:21 pm

    Hello – I purchased drive hud 2 pro on my mac with m2 and cannot access the app. Can we please cancel the order, delete the license and reimburse my credit card? You should really advertise that this is not compatible with M2 macs!

  • julinhoyamada
    09/21/2023 9:15 pm

    Hello, I am having troubling with getting my affiliate reward back. I don’t see any place in the dashboard where I can request for withdraw. Can somebody please help me with that?

    • Hi julinhoyamada. We’ve transitioned our system to do quarterly payouts. That said, we don’t have manual withdrawals as of the moment. Thank you for understanding!

  • julinhoyamada
    12/15/2023 1:45 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am having trouble in my affiliate reward. It appears in the Dashboard as a completed transaction successfully, however, the money didn’t come to my paypal account because by the time it has not been verified yet, so the money went back for you, I already confirmed it with PayPal. Can you please check it for me, please?

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