DriveHud Poker Calculator

A real poker calculator that can calculate the many options that arise when you play a hand is a prerequisite for the game, whether you're a pro or a beginner. In addition to pocket cards, you can set open table cards (calculating the equity from the flop or turn to showdown, and even the hand odds against the range of hands on the river). Using this information, it will be much easier for you to take a difficult decision: call or fold.

Need a quick count?
Just click on one button and the calculator window instantly start from your working account. A large number of operations, instant miscalculations and many configuration options are now available for each subscriber of the DriveHud Tracker. That's great, is not it?

How can I use my poker calculator?

It does not matter which mode you play, omaha, holdem or simple cash hand - you can use it anywhere. All you need to do is run the equity calculator and use it in a suitable situation. Most likely you have already realized the need for such an assistant and you probably think that you will have to pay well for such a useful solution. We hasten to please you, as you can count equity, hand ranges and other parameters using the usual DriveHud program license. The calculator is already built into the design of the application, so you just need to click on the button to run it.

Automated Hands Ranges and Equity Calculator
As you can see, there is nothing complicated in starting and configuring your own poker assistant


Why is the calculator so needed?

  • The ability to predict the range of hands
  • Calculation of equity
  • Full integration with DriveHud
  • Use of calculations based on the database
  • Confidence in your actions
  • Use anywhere - PokerStars, 888, even Bovada
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