BetOnline back up

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betonline pokerA patch update has been released for the BOL (chico network) update they did the other day. Also included in this build is 888 support! ACR support will be within the next couple of days as well. You can grab the latest update from the forums here:

New Feature: Bumper Stickers

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dh bumper stickersI'm very excited to tell you about one of the latest features in DriveHUD (v1.0.3.602)- "Bumper Stickers". This is a fully functional "badge" type system that will place stickers on your HUD related to specific types of detected players tendencies. We've included several default bumper stickers to get you started such as: One and Done - A player who c-bets at a decently high rate, but then gives up on the turn and river too much. 3 for Free - A player who 3-bets a little too much, but folds to a 4-bet too often. Way too Early - Someone who open raises too wide of a range in early position pre-flop. And several more... To edit existing bumper stickers or create ones of your own simply Click on the HUD tab in DriveHUD. And select the tag looking icon on the bottom hand side of the screen (as shown below): bumper stickers You'll get the main bumper sticker pop-up that looks like this below:

 drivehud badges

To create a new bumper sticker simply:

  1. Click on CREATE NEW at the top.
  2. Enter a name for your bumper sticker in the sticker name text box. DriveHUD will use the first letter of each word, up to 3 words, to create the bumper sticker abbreviation.
  3. Enter a description for your new bumper sticker that will appear on mouse over of the sticker. This will help explain what the sticker is in case your forget.
  4. Choose a color for the sticker by clicking on the color dropper icon.
  5. Enter some stat ranges that will help trigger this bumper sticker and/or Filters. To add a filter click on the Add Filter button. You can create a filter and click ok when you're done and it will appear in the bumper sticker screen. To remove the filter, click on the X icon at the top right of the listed filter.
  6. When you are done, click SAVE. Your new bumper sticker will trigger in your HUD when an opponent has met the stat ranges and/or filters you set.
  7. NOTE - This newly created bumper sticker will only apply to the currently selected HUD layout.
We'll be adding some export functions in the next build and abilities to duplicate stickers and poker HUD layouts. Enjoy the new feature! Lots more to come!

What does the TAP stat mean?

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poker statsWe've had a number of questions into support on what the TAP (true aggression percent) stat is, and how it's calculated, so I wanted to address it here because it is a cool stat and it can be a very useful indicator for someone's real post flop aggression. So TAP% is this basic formula: total bets + raises / total streets seen (postflop only) checkraise = +2 bet raise = 1, except for flop cbet (if flop c-bet, then bet = 0) So essentially it's counting checkraises as twice as strong, and players who are the pre-flop raiser, and c-bet, those bets do not count. But if they are the pre-flop raiser and check, then that counts as a passive action. It's removing the process of c-betting into the post flop aggression since people c-bet a decent amount of the time, and sometimes too much, but what we really want to know is how aggressive they are playing if they are not the pre-flop raiser, or if they are the pre-flop raiser, how they are playing on later streets. It's eliminating the common situation, and putting more emphasis on the uncommon play that creates the biggest decisions for users post flop. The main reason this stat was created was because AF, and AGG% alone can sometimes be watered into numbers that aren't really accurate for most players if they raise a lot pre-flop, and c-bet, but don't do much else. So then you're left having to look at a lot of other stats to figure out where their aggression really is. This TAP% gives a quick over view of what kind of post flop player you're against, and is better weighted and provides more information than stats like WWSF. All of these numbers are helpful, and TAP% is another stat that can be used in smaller sample sizes to make quicker reads.