Design your custom poker HUD contest

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Starting today 8/1/17 until the end of this month, we'll be doing a HUD design contest for DriveHUD. Details: Create your own custom HUD and upload to our HUD forum. All accepted designs will receive a free copy of PlayerXray (see below). So anyone who submits a decent unique design will receive a Free 1-year PlayerXray copy. One winner will receive a free copy of Player Xray, Leak Buster (version of their choice), and $100 APS Store credit. To submit: Design your HUD, export your layout and upload to the DriveHUD forum here:
Good luck!

Quick tutorial on new Poker HUD Designer

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drivehud designerJust so anyone using the new beta isn't completely left out in the dark. Here's a quick video that will explain how to setup and design a custom poker hud with the new poker hud designer. It's super cool... check it out!

Upcoming DriveHUD build

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poker equity calcsThere's going to be a lot of new stuff in this upcoming build. A lot of changes we should highlight so you can understand. A couple of basic new things, like equity calcs in the hand re-player now (yeah): poker equity calcs

Lots of new stats being added:

Limp%, Limp EP%, Limp MP%, Limp CO%, Limp BTN%, Limp SB%, Limp/Call%, Cold Call EP%, Cold Call MP%, Cold Call CO%, Call Call BTN%, Cold Call SB%, Cold Call BB%, Cold Call 3-Bet%, Cold Call 4-Bet%, Cold Call vs BTN open%, Cold Call vs SB open%, Cold Call vs CO open%

Of course the new HUD Designer as well:

new poker hud

Huge Speed Improvements for Reports

About a 8-10x speed improvement for all stat reports. A complete re-optimization that you'll notice when switching between reports.   Full Release notes:
  • Added ACR SnG 2.0 support
  • New HUD Designer
  • Added new stats: Limp% Limp EP% Limp MP% Limp CO% Limp BTN% Limp SB% Limp/Call% Cold Call EP% Cold Call MP% Cold Call CO% Call Call BTN% Cold Call SB% Cold Call BB% Cold Call 3-Bet% Cold Call 4-Bet% Cold Call vs BTN open% Cold Call vs SB open% Cold Call vs CO open%
  • Fixed stats issue w/ IP/OOP (e.g. Cold Call IP, Cold Call OOP)
  • Added preferred seating button on HUD screen
  • Fixed date sorting for session and tournaments reports
  • Added migration which rebuilds player stats to see the proper value of these new stats (it's possible to skip it)
  • Added Rebuild button to general settings which rebuilds player stats
  • Added Recover button to general settings which recovers backup version of stats if rebuild function produced some issues
  • Fixed PS importing issue when mucked cards weren't imported
  • Added Equity Win % to hand replayer
  • Added functionality of buttons P F T R and go to end
  • Fixed issues in omaha calculator
  • Fixed issues in quick filter
  • Fixed the issue when tournaments data wasn't shown if filter was selected
  • Optimized all reports and charts

Poker HUDS – What have we been up to?

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poker player trackerHi everyone! This is just a quick update to let you know what we've been up to lately. We think you're really going to like it... :) new poker hud We've been working hard on a new drag and drop HUD designer and we're just about complete. We're finishing the migration process of the old HUD's to the new format, and we'll be launching our new beta here this next week. How good do we think this new process is? We think it's going to revolutionize how you think about HUD's, how you put them together, and allow you complete freedom to design whatever you can think up.

Pop-up madness

Want a new pop-up for some aggression stats? Easy. Just drag and drop a pop-up to any stat on your hud, and then drag and drop what stats you want to be in there. Rotate the pop-ups vertically or horizontally. Whatever works best for you.

Unlimited HUD Panels

Want several panels of stats surrounding your player at the table? Drag and drop as many panel elements as you want with ease. Position and click save. Sooo easy!

Heat Maps?

Yeah, we got those too. Want a quick mouse over of where your opponent's raising range is, just drag and drop that to any stat OR to any pop-up menu as well. Keep in mind, some sites like Pokerstars don't allow this.

Poker Graphs also

Want a linear graph of how much someone is winning, how aggressive they've been throughout the session, or how much they're 3-betting has progressed (think heads up poker). All of that is easily added with a drag and drop.   We haven't done an update in awhile because we've been working hard to perfect this new designer, and we're super confident you're going to LOVE it. We already do! We've been alpha and beta testing it, and it's been amazing. We'll be posting our first official beta this week in our forums... so check back soon!