Betonline poker HUD

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How easy is it to run a HUD on Betonline (or the chico poker network)? Super easy. Check out this video below. It's done in 2 simple steps:

  1. Load up Betonline
  2. Load up drivehud
That's it. Done. No 3rd party apps. Simple, quick, and efficient. You don't need to waste a bunch of extra time loading up tons of different software. Plus you get the benefit of an amazing poker HUD that will have your poker friends saying, Wow... nice HUD kid! ;)

New HUD Format

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custom poker hudDriveHUD has moved to a new and simpler HUD formatting system. This is primarily to set the stage for the new snap to grid HUD creator. Below is a tutorial video on how to create a new custom hud, or editing an existing one on versions v1.0.8.1052+.

New Context Menu Features

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hud menuSome of the new features in the last build. New Context menu on the HUD tables. Just right click on the Drivehud logo to do the following:
1) Tag last hand for later review. 2) Export last hand played (various formats) 3) Launch DH replayer and replay last hand that was played 4) Save HUD position into HUD layout if re-positioned on the table. This will save it into your currently selected layout. 5) Load different saved HUD from your saved HUD options.   And then the new report editing. Just right click on any header in a report. You can then uncheck or check columns you want to add to that report. It will all auto save to your report grid for easy editing. All new stats added to a report will go to the far end of your report. You can drag and drop them into a new position if you'd like to move them.

BetOnline back up

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betonline pokerA patch update has been released for the BOL (chico network) update they did the other day. Also included in this build is 888 support! ACR support will be within the next couple of days as well. You can grab the latest update from the forums here: