How to create a poker HUD

By September 6, 2016 Poker hud 2 Comments
hud creation

Here’s a quick and dirty over view of how to create a HUD in DriveHUD. Super simple, but we’re working on some more advanced easy methods here we’ll be adding soon also!


  • LUis Velador says:

    what if the site isnt listed on the list . Is this designed for any site ?
    I dont want to say the website name.

  • DH Support says:

    HUDs are designed generically. You can name them say, 6-max for X site when you name them. But you load them from the DH logo on the table when you’re playing. Whichever HUD you select for that site, it will save as default and load each time until you change it from the DH pull down logo again.

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